Oil Filtration

Fixed Centrifuge Oil Filtration Assemblies Save Crusher At Quarry

A local quarry requested our assistance after their crusher suffered a catastrophic failure which resulted in a very expensive ($500,000) rebuild. The crusher is a critical part of their plant which breaks the rocks down into 3 different sizes of aggregate. When the crusher is out of action, the quarry stops production completely so an ongoing proactive preventative maintenance strategy was required to prevent further unplanned downtime, and preventable costly repairs.

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Oil life can be extended indefinitely….. FACT or MYTH ?? Do we really need to change oil at a predetermined time or odometer reading ?? Does oil really wear out ??

For years the accepted practice has been to change oil in equipment on a pre-set scheduled basis regardless of whether the oil is spent. Changing oil and disposing of the used oil is a major cost to industry and the environment and the old traditional practices can no longer be considered as sustainable or even practical.

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