About Us

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd commenced trading in 1996 as an independent Oil Analysis Laboratory. Our unique methodology includes microscopic and wear debris analysis with particle morphology on every sample, which allows us to monitor the oil condition and see the larger particles which are beyond the scope of the Spectrometer.  Every sample is visually examined by our Lab Technicians instead of being monitored by a computer program.  We have a fast turnaround in our lab of 24 hours, with preliminary notifications on urgent samples normally within a few hours of arriving at our laboratory.


Over time we added another dimension to our business through the design and patent of our own unique oil cleaning equipment in response to our client’s needs.  In 2002 we added an Engineering Division to manufacture our Lubemaster Oil Cleaning & Filtration products.  We currently hire & sell our Lubemaster products in Australia and overseas.


We have taken the proven technology of the centrifuge and modified it to improve its performance and then designed a unique oil cleaning / vacuum dehydration unit which is the most economical, user-friendly and efficient unit currently available.  It can be used to clean any grade of oil or fuel and can clean oil while the host machine continues operating.  We are continually researching to develop specialised & improved designs and we also custom design for specific applications as required.


In today’s economic environment, there is no room for unnecessary costs and inefficient management in production.  Failure to implement a Lubrication Management System for the reduction of oil contamination not only increases operational costs but is detrimental to the ongoing performance of expensive machinery.  Lubricating oil can no longer be considered as a consumable and requires servicing to make it last longer.  Changing and disposing of oil has become a major cost to industry.


Our vision is to make a major impact on oil consumption through re-educating industry on how to safely clean oil while it remains in service, extending the oil life substantially or even indefinitely. Zero Waste Oil Disposal is achievable.  A huge WIN and cost benefit for industry and a huge WIN for the environment.


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