Lubemaster 600 Range of Oil Filtration Equipment

The Lubemaster 600 range of Oil Filtration/ Cleaning Units employ centrifuge technology coupled with vacuum dehydration to clean or filter used oil or fuel to a higher cleanliness level than is possible with other fluid filtration systems and removes all types of water (free, emulsified and homogenised) while your machinery continues operating.

These innovative Oil Filtration units can clean fuel and all grades of oil from hydraulics to heavy gear oils at full flow rate and remove particles to submicron sizes. There are no elements to replace – simply wash, re-assemble and switch on.  They are fully portable with robust lifting lugs.

The OS600 has a flow rate of 70 Litres Per Minute.  If required the OS600 Centrifuge can be easily removed and replaced with the OS400 (50 LPM) or the OS200 (20 LPM) as these centrifuges all have an identical footprint.  That means the one unit can be doubly versatile for the cost of an extra centrifuge.

These models have proved very popular and are exported around the world.  The Lubemaster 600 Oil Filtration/ Cleaning Units can pay for themselves within the first year through savings on lubrication purchases.

Lubemaster oil filtration technology can transform

this dirty used oil   ………………………into this oil                          

Contaminated Gear Oil Before Filtration          Contaminated Gear Oil After Filtration

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