Technology Behind the Engineering

The Tech Behind the Tech – How the Lubemaster OS600 is the best oil cleaning system around.
For most people, the Lubemaster is just an oil cleaning, oil purifying system. However, it is more than that. The Lubemaster allows you to keep your machines in tip top shape.

The Lubemaster is a machine that:
• Removes particles, even on a sub-micron level
• Features an oil centrifuge and vacuum technology that cleans dirt and waters from oil for unprecedented purity.
• Clean High Viscosity gear oil at a full flow rate.

The Lubemaster’s essential features include an oil driven centrifuge that is capable of spinning up to 5000 rpm. The spinning action allows the toxins to be separated from the oil, cleaning the oil at a high level, allowing it to be reused. It creates around 4000 G’s in the rotor, allowing the dense particles to be moved to the outside of the rotor where they are trapped for easy removal.

Furthermore, the water in the oil is condensed off into steam, one again removing contamination from the oil including entrapped gases. There is an optional bypass filter attachment which allows you to clean hydraulic oil to 2 microns and gear oil to 5 microns. Lastly, the Lubemaster degases the oil and keeps away water, thus preventing acid from building up in the oil – which causes additive depletion.

The Lubemaster cleans:
• Lubricating Oil
• Transformer Oil
• Heat Transfer Oil
• Heat Oil Flushing
• Diesel Fuel
• Waste Oil Cleaning

The Lubemaster has been created to help everyone with oil filtration and oil purification, making it simple and easy to use without all the hassle. Clean Oil Services allows you to hire or purchase the machine according to your needs.



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