How Lubemaster Help You Save the Environment and Save on Cost

Imagine how an engine works with hundreds of metal parts moving against other metal parts all together. The constant friction produced by those engine parts could eventually slow down the machine. This is where engine oil steps into the scene. You pour oil unto the insides of the engine so that it coats every part. In effect, the moving parts could just do its work with ease, sliding against other parts with less tension and friction.

However, in the long run, the oil gets dirty and becomes less effective. Although engines have oil filters, which are supposed to clean the oil, but still both the oil and the filter will have to be replaced sooner or later. While changing the oil and filters seems like a good idea, think about the cost involved on top of the headache of disposing all of that used oil.

Problems Addressed by Lubemaster

Did you know that millions of gallons of used oil are disposed of each year? Where do all the used oil go then? It can contaminate groundwater, pollute the ocean, harm wildlife, endanger people’s health, and eventually destroy the ecosystem. You don’t want to be part of that, do you?

Moreover, when you drain the oil, you won’t get all of it out. About 40 percent of the oil remains in the engine. What happens when you add new oil to the engine is that it mixes with dirty, contaminated oil left behind. This puts the machine even closer to its next oil change. Changing oil and the filters can be very frustrating and is just inefficient.

With Lubemaster, you can extend the life of engine oils, helping you save on the cost of new oil. Vehicles and other machineries don’t need to be serviced as much. This cuts down maintenance costs. Furthermore, Lubemaster removes more contaminants, promoting less wear and tear on engines, extending its life, and letting it perform more efficiently.

How Lubemaster Solve the Problems

Lubemaster utilizes the centrifugal force, which is a well-known force associated with circular motion. It is comparable to how a washing machine spins the water out of wet clothes. In the case of Lubemaster, it separates contaminants like dirt and water from the oil, as it spins at 5000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

As a result, it purifies the oil more effectively than any other filtration method out there. It has the ability to remove very fine particles even on the sub-micron level. Its centrifuge and vacuum technology cleans dirt as well as water from oil, preventing acid build-up.

Lubemaster is great for everyone with vehicles and day-to-day machines. It is a major cost-saver especially for companies with large trucks and machineries, and it offers everyone the opportunity to save the environment.

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