Clean Oil Machine Technology

Lubemaster OS600 – Australian Innovation that is environmentally friendly and will help you with all your lubrication needs.

The Lubemaster OS600 is the latest in technology in commercial oil filter machines. Through utilising the oil driven centrifuge in conjunction with vacuum dehydration, there has been a discovery in oil cleaning and oil filtering. If you can imagine a portable, stand-alone kidney dialysis machine, that filters oil – well that is the Lubemaster. The kidney dialysis machine of oil cleaning technology and oil cleaning systems.

Instead of wasting money on replacing the oil in your machines, the Lubemaster OS600 is an oil cleaning machine. So, what the machine does is that the centrifuge is bolted to the engine, which is driven by the engine’s oil pressure – which can be done whilst the machine is running. Then, through cleaning units, the portable Lubemaster is then able to utilise the oil centrifuge, coupled with vacuum dehydration to clean the oil to the highest possible level, usually without the cost of replacement elements.

The oil centrifuge system myth is busted. Centrifuge filtration works on density, not pore size. Consequently, a higher level of cleanliness can be maintained with the Lubemaster OS600 than other oil filtration systems. The oil cleaning system reduces wear, extends the oil and machines life by maintaining cleaner operating conditions. In conclusion, the Lubemaster OS600 is the system that will help you save. From time to costs and everything in between, this oil cleaning machine will allow your machine to be toxin free.



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