Industries We Serve

The Lubemaster’s versatility – It can be placed in any industry and clean any machines oil.

With its effective and efficient oil cleaning system of a wide range of oils, the Lubemaster OS600 is an ideal fit for a wide range of industries.

Lubemaster is found in industries including:
• Mining
• Power
• Defence
• Manufacturing
• Gas Field and Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
• Transport

This means the Lubemaster is capable of cleaning the toughest of contaminants and producing oil that’s as good as new. Maintaining these cleanliness levels, allows the Lubemaster to remove any risks which may be associated with extending oil life.

Proper maintenance of your oil with the Lubemaster oil cleaning centrifuge will eliminate the need for changing oil in most lubricated systems except engines.

No matter what the industry is, the Lubemaster OS600 can clean any machines oil with ease.


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