A Portable Oil Cleaner for Any Industry

It’s easy to maintain a regular car oil changes because you can quickly drive to a shop to do the job for you. But if you’re operating a 55-ton truck, changing oil is a different story. It’s not convenient to drive to the local service station that often with a huge truck.

Potable oil cleaners such as Lubemaster are designed to address this concern. It makes more sense to change the oil of huge trucks and machineries at the work site, and Lubemaster is just the perfect solution. Lubemaster is mounted to a cart, which makes it easy to move from one place and one machine or equipment to the next.

While there are oil cleaners readily fitted in engines such as that of some vehicles, the portable varieties are used predominantly in industrial settings. Driving back and forth off-road puts much stress on engine oil. Off-road environments common to the mining, construction, excavation and agricultural industries expose diesel engines to extreme operating conditions. Diesel oil gets dirtier faster and requires frequent changing. Centrifugal oil cleaners extend change oil intervals, even in these hostile environments.

Lubemaster for any type of oil.

Diesel engine oil may be the most common type of lubricating fluid cleaned by portable centrifuges, especially those of heavy-duty vehicles such as earthmovers and tractors. But, Lubemaster is as effective on other types of oils such as lubricating oil, heat transfer oil, transformer oil, hot oil flushing, waste oil cleaning, and transmission fluids. Lubemaster has a widespread use in many different industrial applications.

Lubemaster helps industries dispose engine waste products safely.

There has been an increase in the number of countries proposing and passing legislation to implement and monitor safe disposal of all engine waste products. Many countries now prohibit disposal of oil products, used oil, and oil filters in landfills.

The ability of a centrifugal oil cleaning systems such as that of Lubemaster to separate contaminants from oil is so efficient that the waste extracted from the oil is considered harmless. Thus, it can be disposed of accordingly. More importantly, the oil can be reused many times. This means less oil is needed, so less cost. Less oil makes it into the environment, so less pollution.

Lubemaster as an investment.

The ability of Lubemaster to turn black, dirty oil into green, clean oil is the primary reason for any company to get one. You’ll find that investing in Lubemaster is a much wiser move than spending so much on changing oil and on the maintenance of the vehicles and machineries. With the many benefits of portable centrifugal oil cleaners such as Lubemaster, they may become more common across different types of industries in the future.

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