How Lubemaster OS600 Works

The Lubemaster OS600, an Australian innovation, is a portable centrifugal oil filtration system that can remove dirt, water, and any other contaminants from oil, bringing the oil to its pristine condition. The Lubemaster can helps cut down your cost on lubrication as much as 50% while improving machine reliability.

It has been proven that 80% of bearing failures in engines are caused by lubrication contamination. You can avoid this problem with Lubemaster. This innovation cleans the oil efficiently, extending the life of the lubrication and therefore, minimizing cost. With clean oil, the life of the machine is extended with very little maintenance needed. This lubrication purifier works wonders in helping individuals and companies become more efficient and productive.

How oil is filtered?

The body houses the rotor and the drive chamber. It allows the whole system to be mounted to its external structure, which is a cart. An input line carries oil to the filtration system, where it is cleaned and filtered. Then an output line carries clean lubrication back. The dirty oil or lubrication enters the Lubemaster through a 125 micron particle filter to prevent larger particles from entering the pump. The oil then passes through the oil pump and into the centrifuge rotor.

The rotor does most of the job in cleaning. The lubrication pressure inside the rotor causes the assembly to rotate within the outer body at speeds of 5000 rpm. In effect, it creates what they call a centrifugal force, which is about 2,500 times greater than gravity. Due to the strong force created, it pulls particles down to one-tenth of a micron. The particles move outwardly toward the wall of the rotor. You can see the dirt particles form a dense cake, which is trapped in the rotor. The Lubemaster rotor has a capacity to hold 6 kg of dirt particles, which must be cleaned manually. This centrifuge rotor needs periodic cleaning and it can be reused without the need for any filter element.

Clean oil then exits the rotor and enters the vacuum dehydration unit, which is a unique feature of the Lubemaster. This vacuum dehydration unit has been proven to be the most effective technology of water removal. It also degases the oil. The water I the oil boils to steam, and the vacuum causes the steam to be separated from the oil. Then the oil passes through a final micron filter for final polishing before it exists the Lubemaster. The Lubemaster also features technology that tells real-time oil cleanliness level.

The process is pretty simple. However, it’s a dialysis system, so you need to repeat it several times to achieve the desired state of the oil. The result is oil that is almost as good as new, which is better for the vehicle or the machine, the individual or company who owns it, as well as the environment.


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