Clean Oil = Large Savings

Is oil changing on your machine costing you too much? Well the Lubemaster OS600 is here to reduce your running costs.

Oil purification and oil cleaning systems have come a long way in terms of cleaning oil and reducing oil changing costs. In light of new technology and countless hours analysing these systems and oil cleaning technology, The Lubemaster OS600, is the master in cleaning oil in your machines.

The way we see it is, your equipment is an investment, an asset – in your business as well as your livelihood. It is very costly to run these machines and often costlier to have your machine standing idle to oil changes or unscheduled stand-downs. The Lubemaster OS600 is the new oil cleaning system that allows the oil to be cleaned whilst the machine is still running, cutting your idle costs. Furthermore, the Lubemaster can decrease the amount of oil disposed by the industry and make it more economical to use expensive synthetic oils – thus saving money and reducing the pressures on the environment.

Oil analysis is an integral and important aspect of oil purification, through the analysis it has been found that contaminated oil can be simply cleaned and reused again and again. Lubrication management and condition monitoring systems work to improve housekeeping and reduce the operating costs. Studies have shown that “This type of machinery on the market has the potential to decrease Australia’s annual $2 billion industrial lubrication expenditure by 50 percent.”

With no elements to be replaced and no need to shut down machines to clean the oil, Lubemaster, is the cheapest and most efficient form of oil cleaning available in the market today. There are virtually no ongoing operating costs apart from the electricity – to run the machine. The Lubemaster is the machine for your machine.



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