Lubemaster OS600

Cuts your lubrication costs with its phenomenal performance and versatility

Your machinery’s lubrication needs could easily cost you millions of dollars. Add to that; your equipment maintenance costs, cost of servicing lubricants, plus the money you lose when you shut down your machines – it all adds. Not to mention the cost associated with component wear, by allowing your oil to become contaminated to high levels, which is the main reason for changing the oil.

Now what if you can clean most lubricants to new specs—from diesel fuel, compressor, turbines, hydraulic to heavy gear oils — and continue to use them without causing detriment to performance and safety while your equipment remains operating?

Introducing Lubemaster OS600

Lubemaster OS600 is an award-winning machine from Australia that:

  • Removes particles to a sub-micron size
  • Cuts your lubrication costs by at least 50% by more than doubling oil life
  • Features a centrifuge/vacuum technology that cleans dirt and water from oil for unprecedented purity
  • Is easy to use and environmentally friendly
  • Replaceable filters are normally not required
  • Is fully portable
  • Clean High Viscosity gear oil at full flow rate
  • Suitable for all oils, including transformer oil and diesel oil

It handles anything from diesel fuel polishing, hydraulic to heavy gear oils, making it your ideal machine for a wide range of applications. Plus, it’s been tested in a variety of industries, from defence to mining, ensuring top-notch performance, efficiency, and reliability whatever challenge you throw at it.The oil centrifuge system, allows the water and oil to be seamlessly separated for easy cleaning.

Lubemaster’s Essential Features

  • Oil driven centrifuge capable of spinning up to 5000 rpm
  • Creates about 4000 G’s inside the rotor, allowing the dense particles to be moved to the outside of the rotor where they are trapped for easy removal
  • Next, the water in the oil is condensed off into steam once again removing contamination from the oil including entrapped gases
  • FLOW RATE: available from 20L, 40L, to 70L per minute, but needs a few passes to ensure the oil is cleaned at optimum capacity
  • Optional bypass filter attachment which allows you to clean hydraulic oil to 2 microns and gear oil to 5 microns
  • Degases the oil and keeps away water, preventing acid from building up in the oil which causes additive depletion

Lubemaster cleans…

Lubricating oil

Our machines are highly flexible, allowing just one machine to clean anything from the lightest grade compressor, turbine and hydraulic oils to heavy 680 cSt gear oils using the same settings at the same flow.

Transformer oil

Cleaning and restoring transformer insulating oils is another area where the Lubemaster shines. It removes all dissolved gases with the vacuum dehydration system, cleaning oils to under 1um and reducing moisture levels to as low as 10 ppm.

Heat transfer oil

Over time, carbon builds up in heat transfer applications, causing contamination and eventual pump destruction. While today’s standard practice is to replace the oil with new, it’s expensive as most systems use over 100,000 litres of oil, which costs around $4 per litre. Using Lubemaster can reduce your costs considerably by extending oil life while ensuring that your machinery is free from any carbon or, increasing acid number.

Hot oil flushing

With Lubemaster’s Hot Oil Flushing rig, you can clean equipment faster and more reliably as the centrifugal oil cleaner removes contaminants to sub-micron levels while the vacuum system dehydrates the oil as it is being cleaned. Our 2 Flushmaster rigs are both trailer mounted, one with a flow of 770 lpm and the other flows at 1270 lpm will ensure that your required Reynolds Numbers are met to achieve the optimum cleanliness levels within the most reasonable time frame.

Diesel fuel

Our cleaning technology enables us to readily dehydrate and clean diesel fuel for use in any diesel engine. Diesel fuels can be transformed back to pristine condition by reducing water to below 30 ppm and removing particles to sub-micron levels, and suitable for final filtering to 2um.

Waste oil cleaning

Turn your waste oil into a useable asset and eliminate waste removal with Lubemaster’s Oil Cleaning systems. These units clean all waste hydrocarbons from a site, making the oil suitable for use as a diesel fuel substitute for diesel engines or as diesel substitute for explosives. The value is every litre of waste oil becomes a litre of diesel at the lowest possible cost.

6 Great Reasons Why You Need Lubemaster

Your Oil Lasts Longer

It typically takes months in most cases before you need to replace your oil. It’s wasteful, and not to mention that it’s bad for the environment. But with Lubemaster, your oil can be extended many times.

Why dispose of a product simply because it is loaded with contamination when it can be cleaned and continue its service life ?

Imagine extending oil life and not having to replace it for years and you can begin to see how much you’ll save with this machine.

Hire or buy—the choice is yours

We offer hire or buy options to suit your unique requirements. A typical hire includes a one-off $1000 service fee, plus weekly hire fees, plus freight and travel costs as required.

The standard Lubemaster OS600, meanwhile, may be purchased with price depending on your preferred specification options. Whatever option you choose, we’ll include a technician who’ll perform the initial installation and training of your staff to make sure you get the most out your machine.

Unparalleled flexibility

Aside from the standard Lubemaster OS600, you can expand its capabilities to meet your most demanding requirements. The Fuller’s earth attachment, for example, removes acids, varnishes and oxidisation in the oil by absorbing them and completely removing them. Then there’s also the bypass filter attachment that cleans hydraulic oil to 2 microns and gear oil to 5 microns.

Particle counters, flow meter, moisture meter and heater upgrades are available as optional extras.

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Enjoy exceptional savings

With Lubemaster, you can expect to save a minimum of 50% on your oil costs as it at least doubles the life of your oil. But that’s not all. You’ll also save on your equipment maintenance costs as it reduces wear and tear by allowing your machine to run smoother and more efficiently for a longer service life.

Reduce or eliminate downtimes

Lubemaster can work even while your machinery is still in operation*, reducing or even completely eliminating any downtime for lubricant servicing. While the actual cleaning time depends on the condition of the oil, the type of contaminant present, and other factors, Lubemaster can maintain new oil cleanliness levels in fixed machines constantly.

*except for some applications on mobile plants

Machines to suit a wide range of applications

Lubemaster is available to suit a range of applications including our intrinsic certified model certified to ExD or our air driven model, popular on the gas platforms and LNG plants both on and offshore.

Look at the money saved if you did not have to ship oil out to your offshore rig?

Lubemaster OS600 Applications

With its effective and efficient oil cleaning system of a wide range of oils, Lubemaster OS600 is an ideal fit for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Power
  • Defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Gas field and Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Transport

This means the Lubemaster is capable of cleaning the toughest contaminants and producing oil that’s as good as new. Maintaining those cleanliness levels inside your equipment, which is all backed and supported by our state of the art oil analysis service. Monitoring the oil system on a scheduled, regular basis, allows oil analysis to remove any risks which may be associated with extending oil life. .

Lubemaster OS600 Applications Video

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