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Clean Oil Machine Technology

Lubemaster OS600 – Australian Innovation that is environmentally friendly and will help you with all your lubrication needs.

The Lubemaster OS600 is the latest in technology in commercial oil filter machines. Through utilising the oil driven centrifuge in conjunction with vacuum dehydration, there has been a discovery in oil cleaning and oil filtering. If you can imagine a portable, stand-alone kidney dialysis machine, that filters oil – well that is the Lubemaster. The kidney dialysis machine of oil cleaning technology and oil cleaning systems.

Instead of wasting money on replacing the oil in your machines, the Lubemaster OS600 is an oil cleaning machine. So, what the machine does is that the centrifuge is bolted to the engine, which is driven by the engine’s oil pressure – which can be done whilst the machine is running. Then, through cleaning units, the portable Lubemaster is then able to utilise the oil centrifuge, coupled with vacuum dehydration to clean the oil to the highest possible level, usually without the cost of replacement elements.

The oil centrifuge system myth is busted. Centrifuge filtration works on density, not pore size. Consequently, a higher level of cleanliness can be maintained with the Lubemaster OS600 than other oil filtration systems. The oil cleaning system reduces wear, extends the oil and machines life by maintaining cleaner operating conditions. In conclusion, the Lubemaster OS600 is the system that will help you save. From time to costs and everything in between, this oil cleaning machine will allow your machine to be toxin free.


Industries We Serve

The Lubemaster’s versatility – It can be placed in any industry and clean any machines oil.

With its effective and efficient oil cleaning system of a wide range of oils, the Lubemaster OS600 is an ideal fit for a wide range of industries.

Lubemaster is found in industries including:
• Mining
• Power
• Defence
• Manufacturing
• Gas Field and Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
• Transport

This means the Lubemaster is capable of cleaning the toughest of contaminants and producing oil that’s as good as new. Maintaining these cleanliness levels, allows the Lubemaster to remove any risks which may be associated with extending oil life.

Proper maintenance of your oil with the Lubemaster oil cleaning centrifuge will eliminate the need for changing oil in most lubricated systems except engines.

No matter what the industry is, the Lubemaster OS600 can clean any machines oil with ease.

Technology Behind the Engineering

The Tech Behind the Tech – How the Lubemaster OS600 is the best oil cleaning system around.
For most people, the Lubemaster is just an oil cleaning, oil purifying system. However, it is more than that. The Lubemaster allows you to keep your machines in tip top shape.

The Lubemaster is a machine that:
• Removes particles, even on a sub-micron level
• Features an oil centrifuge and vacuum technology that cleans dirt and waters from oil for unprecedented purity.
• Clean High Viscosity gear oil at a full flow rate.

The Lubemaster’s essential features include an oil driven centrifuge that is capable of spinning up to 5000 rpm. The spinning action allows the toxins to be separated from the oil, cleaning the oil at a high level, allowing it to be reused. It creates around 4000 G’s in the rotor, allowing the dense particles to be moved to the outside of the rotor where they are trapped for easy removal.

Furthermore, the water in the oil is condensed off into steam, one again removing contamination from the oil including entrapped gases. There is an optional bypass filter attachment which allows you to clean hydraulic oil to 2 microns and gear oil to 5 microns. Lastly, the Lubemaster degases the oil and keeps away water, thus preventing acid from building up in the oil – which causes additive depletion.

The Lubemaster cleans:
• Lubricating Oil
• Transformer Oil
• Heat Transfer Oil
• Heat Oil Flushing
• Diesel Fuel
• Waste Oil Cleaning

The Lubemaster has been created to help everyone with oil filtration and oil purification, making it simple and easy to use without all the hassle. Clean Oil Services allows you to hire or purchase the machine according to your needs.


Clean Oil = Large Savings

Is oil changing on your machine costing you too much? Well the Lubemaster OS600 is here to reduce your running costs.

Oil purification and oil cleaning systems have come a long way in terms of cleaning oil and reducing oil changing costs. In light of new technology and countless hours analysing these systems and oil cleaning technology, The Lubemaster OS600, is the master in cleaning oil in your machines.

The way we see it is, your equipment is an investment, an asset – in your business as well as your livelihood. It is very costly to run these machines and often costlier to have your machine standing idle to oil changes or unscheduled stand-downs. The Lubemaster OS600 is the new oil cleaning system that allows the oil to be cleaned whilst the machine is still running, cutting your idle costs. Furthermore, the Lubemaster can decrease the amount of oil disposed by the industry and make it more economical to use expensive synthetic oils – thus saving money and reducing the pressures on the environment.

Oil analysis is an integral and important aspect of oil purification, through the analysis it has been found that contaminated oil can be simply cleaned and reused again and again. Lubrication management and condition monitoring systems work to improve housekeeping and reduce the operating costs. Studies have shown that “This type of machinery on the market has the potential to decrease Australia’s annual $2 billion industrial lubrication expenditure by 50 percent.”

With no elements to be replaced and no need to shut down machines to clean the oil, Lubemaster, is the cheapest and most efficient form of oil cleaning available in the market today. There are virtually no ongoing operating costs apart from the electricity – to run the machine. The Lubemaster is the machine for your machine.


Oil life can be extended indefinitely….. FACT or MYTH ?? Do we really need to change oil at a predetermined time or odometer reading ?? Does oil really wear out ??

For years the accepted practice has been to change oil in equipment on a pre-set scheduled basis regardless of whether the oil is spent. Changing oil and disposing of the used oil is a major cost to industry and the environment and the old traditional practices can no longer be considered as sustainable or even practical.

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